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Reema's View: GB3 Season Review

October 22, 2021
2021 Season

After an eventful first season in the GB3 Championship, Reema reflects on her 2021 season and looks ahead to 2022.

How do you feel your first year in the GB3 Championship has gone?

"I feel like I’ve learnt more this year than I have in any season since I started racing. I’ve been able to build on my experience from F4 and settle into a car that felt really good on track, which has allowed me to give better feedback to my engineers – to tell them exactly how I’ve been feeling in the car and what’s been needed or missing. That has been a big help, as it’s not something I’ve able to do in the past.

Early in the season, it felt like I was progressing quite quickly. I just felt the gains kept coming, which was thanks to the confidence I felt in the car but also the confidence I had in my team, my engineer, and the support I had around me. This is all super important in helping you feel like you can take steps forward, because it’s not just about trusting that you can do it, but also trusting that you have the package to do it.

If I’m being totally honest with myself, I did have the expectation of moving forward and making more progress across this year. But, like with every season, you have peaks and troughs, and you make some gains and losses. That’s racing, and I’ll learn from every experience I had this season."

How has the GB3 Championship differed from other series you’ve raced in?

"The GB3 Championship is a really high level – much higher than what I’ve experienced before. The UK is the home of motor sports, so the drivers that it attracts, the people at the track, and even the fans are so passionate and dedicated.

One thing in this Championship that was really beneficial for me was the reverse grid race format, which allows you to start on the front row for one race even if you’ve had a tough weekend. That was a big learning curve and a great learning opportunity, to be put under that level of pressure and to try to make the fewest mistakes possible. It was the first time I had been at the front of the grid, so that added a new element to my experience as a racing driver."

What did you most enjoy about racing in the GB3 Championship?

"I definitely enjoyed the car. It’s probably the best car that I've driven, and it just inspired so much confidence because I was driving something that I felt like I understood and could constantly get more out of.

Also, the tracks on the calendar are very demanding, so if you make a mistake, you're in the grass, the gravel, or the wall. These circuits take no prisoners, so that forces better decision making. That’s been another good learning experience for me this year."

What have you learnt from this year that you can take forward?

"I’ve learnt to drive my own race and focus on what I need to do rather than look behind me or worry about where my competitors are or are coming from.

That’s been my main learning, but this season has also taught me that when you have a bad day, like I had a few times, you must pick yourself up and turn the situation around to look at the positives. Sometimes I’ve been unlucky and been in the wrong place at the wrong time. But other times it’s been my mistake and I’ve learned the most from those, so I don’t make the same one twice."

Looking ahead to 2022, what’s the next step for you?

"It’s been a long season, so first a little rest! But there actually isn’t time to have much of a break. We’re already planning for next season and looking at what we need to do ahead of 2022.

I’m excited about my next venture but I can’t share any details just yet, so you’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I’ll head back to Saudi Arabia in mid-November in time for the Formula One. I’m really looking forward to that and then we’ll see what happens next. Stay tuned…"

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