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Reema’s View: Donington Park

October 11, 2021
2021 Season

In the first of a new series of personal insight columns, Reema shares her thoughts ahead of the season finale of the 2021 GB3 Championship at Donington Park.

It’s been a little while since the last round at Oulton Park. What was your main area of learning from that race?

“One of the biggest things that stood out was that my wet pace was quite competitive but, as soon as the conditions started to change and the track began to dry out, I didn't adapt quickly enough to the extra grip that was available. In other words, when the conditions were stable, I was able to gain a few places, but when the other drivers started feeling that there was more grip, I didn't have that same feeling and confidence in the car. I'm still driving on the cautious side, which means I need to adapt and change my approach quicker to maximise on the conditions.”

Does that become more of a challenge when you have such a long break between races?

“You are always anticipating when you're going to be in the car next and looking forward to that moment. It always takes a little time for me when I’m first back in the car to be able to go flat out. I don’t just get in and expect to drive to the limit immediately, which is why test days and practice sessions are so important.”

How do you approach building your confidence and performance back up after a long break?

“For me it’s not always about trying to put the best lap together from the moment I get in the car, but instead it’s about breaking the lap down piece by piece and looking at each sector individually. I realised the importance of not asking too much of myself when I first get in the car. I have to assess where I am, where the car is, and then decide if any changes need to be made. There is a period of getting it right, whether it's from my side behind the wheel or on the team’s side helping with the setup. That's to be expected and that's why we have practice sessions.”

Looking ahead to the final race at Donington Park, a venue you’ve already been to this season, what is it like to drive?

“For me it's a mixture, because the first half flows well and has a very nice rhythm to it, but then there's a slow section after the chicane which is very different. So, you drive the first part one way and then have to drive the second part in another way, which makes it more challenging but also more interesting. It’s an unusual track in the way that it changes throughout the lap.”

Is it a circuit that you look forward to driving?

“It's not a track that I go into with apprehension. I know that it's going to challenge me and that I’ll need to be on the ball, like every race. It's a good circuit to drive. It’s quite low grip and it's very important to get your tyres up to temperature, as that's when they are in optimal condition. If it rains, it's a very slippery surface, so it's going to be even trickier. It's going to be challenging, but I know what to expect.”

What are your goals going into the final race? Is there anything you want to particularly achieve?

“The podium will always be the goal and it’s still something I'd love to achieve this season, but I haven't been in the car for a while, so we'll see where the pace is when I get there and take it from there. We have a Thursday test, so I have time to prepare for the weekend. My main ambition is to put everything I’ve learned this season and give it everything I have and enjoy this the last weekend of the season.”

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